Sunday, January 10, 2010

Well...Can't do too much with the blog right now, we are at the library so Makiah can finish a powerpoint for school tomorrow. LONG story short....she was using a "trial" version of PP at home and was accidentally logged off the PC...Couldn't open it back up! So here we are!!! ;)
Thought we were going to Open Gym for softball today but....OOPS nobody was there! Darn it.....she really wanted to get in some pitching...First actual practice for softball is like March 15th or something! WOW!!! It could definitely still be FREEZING!! HELLO!!!

Can't post any pictures today, at least not until I get home if time allows and I get my "turn" on the PC (we might have to thinka bout adding another computer to our family at some point this year)....wanted to show you all (hahaha all 5 of you that are currently following!!! and I love ya thanks!!) the Save the Date book (calendar/date book) that I just finished! It's SUPER SUPER cute! All scrapboking things used of course!
So, I'll post that later on and I'm also trying to get some fun blinkies on the sidebar of our blog....have a little difficulty with that as well! :)

Chat later.

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  1. Would love to see your newest creation. Can;t wait for your pictures.

    Thank you for being a follower on my new blog. Maybe we can learn from each other. Well maybe I can learn from you teehee.