Friday, January 8, 2010

Day 5....NO COFFEE!

Yup....first my thought was to just cut back (and really I was not a crazy coffee drinker...typically 3-4 cups a day)so starting Monday Jan. 4th I just didn't make any in the a.m. when I got up. Day went on, went to the gym, got groceries (still no coffee) and then actually forgot about it until bedtime when I usually get the filter etc ready for the next day! I hadn't had any! I have heard from a few friends via FB that say I can have coffee cuz it is more or less natural (comes from a bean etc-etc) so it actually does work into the Eat Clean Diet BUT............they way I drink coffee all decked out with French Vanilla (fat free of course!!)coffeemate and maybe a dash of whipped topping (complete with HFCS--High Fructose Corn Syrup)!!!!!! So NOPE that does NOT fit into the Eat Clean Diet.

Now don't get me wrong...I won't get discouraged if I do infact indulge in a coffee like that but for right now I'm really content with my green tea and Agave Nectar.

So.....tonight, varsity basketball takes on Bloomingdale - GO INDIANS! Good times with friends cheering on our teams! Can't wait!!! It's been a while since we got to go because of the Christmas and New Year holidays so this should be a good game!

Tomorrow we have to get some more organizing and simplifying done! You can't imagine how hard and time consuming this process can be or maybe you can....I tell you what, I actually started really getting into it right around Dec 1 when we were expecting to move sooner than later so I started going through things and HOLY CRAP I can't believe the things that I had and was housing and hanging onto for no apparent reason. I felt for a while like I was on an episode of Clean Sweep!!! LOL.... I don't even get to watch that anymore since we don't have satellite but I remember those people hoarding papers and magazines and OMG the stuff! That's almost what I felt like!! Hiding in closets and drawers....And the sad part. I would say 85% of it had no REAL meaning to it! More to come on our simplifying process!

So funniest thing for us yesterday, Noah comes home and says...You have to let me do this! Right there that doesn't excite me at all cuz it means it is something dangerous! Sure enough....he says for his "English Homework" he needs to persuade me to let him jump off the roof!!!! WHAT IN THE WORLD???? Ok, so I say yes if Dad will supervise (of course)- I think it took him 20 minutes to get the nerve to do it!

Everyone make it a great day and be safe. Weather in Michigan still a bit dicey:)

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  1. Welcome aboard blogland!!!! Perfect place for your Project 365 ;)

    Simplifying takes time.....and I totally understand what you are talking about! I started the process a year ago.....I just have too many ideas to redo......but if I had to move, that would make me do something else with it for sure!! LOL!!

    What an English assignment! Debate? LOL!