Thursday, January 7, 2010

Welcome 2010!

So yah, pretty excited about the New Year and the things we have planned to do... Seeing as how it's already Jan 7th! YIKES! I feel pretty good about what I've accomplished so far this year (hehehe). Our BIG picture for the year is to simplify in ALL areas of our lives. Mike, kids and myself! We have all's just too easy to let things get away from you and before you know it, 3 years have gone by! 3 years!!! That's alot of time to miss out on things and I feel like I missed out on alot over the last 3 years so that's all gonna change in 2010! So far so good!!!

We have decided to make good on some of our "promises", continue with some of our "dreams" and all the while keeping it simple. It's been so great so far and can't believe we waited this long! This will most likely be just a bunch of rambling about our goings on but for the most part we are pretty cool people - just ask Sam! :)

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