Thursday, January 21, 2010

Got pulled over last night for..............

A burned out headlight! Crazy thing is, it just went out that morning....didn't make it to the store to get a new bulb yet! (We have it now though!).....He didn't give me a ticket but he said that he did make "note" of it that he spoke with me about it and to get it fixed right away! Drive safe! hmpf!

He did tell me too that they will not be so lenient anymore on stuff....headlights etc. My guess is that they are cracking down to issue more tickets so we have to pay the state more!!!

Anyway, that was the excitement for last night. Today my day was kinda outta wack.... went to town after the gym to get some pages for a scrapbook album I'm doing and then on the way home Makiah texted me and said she needed pump supplies so I quick went home, got those together, grabbed a snack (hadn't eaten since the gym!), brought her supplies to school and back was like 11:45 then but still my system was messed up and I just couldn't get into the groove at all after that. Sounds silly I know but it's a fact.

Been trying to correspond with some friends I haven't seen in a long time so I made some cards and sent them out. Kinda wierd putting "stamps" on things again! I don't mail ANYTHING! Really.....So we'll see if I hear back from them....

Jean, Linda, Ron and Marge....hoping to reconnect with you and a few others!
Off to the JV basketball game. Back to school we go. Be nice when we live a little closer!



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