Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bad Blogger.....BAD! ;)

I must admit.....time does get away from you rather quickly and what do I choose to let suffer.....MY Blog......I think about it often as I'm in the car or sitting at this game or sitting at this practice or - watching last nights episode of the BACHELOR!~ HOLY MOLY............friends and fellow Bachelor fanatics! COULDN'T believe my ears when Rozlyn was up there talking to Chris!!!! WOWZA!!!!! She has some nerve.....SOME NERVE! Just fess up already that you like this person and be done. You make it so much worse but DENYING IT!

Oh....sorry, forgot. The Blog. So.....yes, I have missed sooooooooooooo much and I am still soooooooooo behind on loading pictures etc on here.....Faraway friends and family....I apologize I really will try to get them loaded.....tomorrow! Tonight is the last varsity basketball game at home and we have to go! HAVE TO! ;) Mike and I are as much addicted to it as the kids are.

Other than things just getting away from me (and me begin a bit lazy at times) nothing SUPERBLY special going on here....moving my craft space AGAIN! Really....I swear I spend more time moving it from place to place than actually getting time to work on STUFF! I mean SERIOUSLY will I just commit to a spot and stick with it! Well, I moved out of this room where I am currently typing from because it gets SO cold back here.....legitimate complaint....it's a downstairs bedroom, corner of the house and it's REALLY REALLY cold in here (PC will be moving too as soon as we can figure out how to move the internet connection!).....so I moved out into the family room....well.....that was all fine and dandy for a few weeks but I was growing tired of constantly having to dust off my stuff b/c the wood stove is right there and my supplies and goodies were constantly being showered with ashy stuff,....sooooooooo away we go again.....this time back upstairs! But I have taken over an entertainment center that we have for the bulk of my stuff and then I need to scout around for a desk.............wish me luck!
It's definitely a process.............................


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

WOW! so much to say.....so little time to say it!

Well, gotta start somewhere right!
So this weekend was Noah's birthday, haven't even had a chance to go through those pictures yet..........will post some fun when I'm done! Kids were also on Winter Break from school so they had from Friday to Tuesday off....we shopped on Friday at Rivertown Mall...had a great time and got some good deals, took Nikki and Katie with us, Saturday Noah had basketball in the a.m. and then we celebrated his birthday (which was actually SUnday!) by bowling and lunch and Aquatic Center....the boys sleptover and Sunday was his actual birthday so we took him to town (Makiah spent the entire day with Kupres' at CMU) shopping since he raked in the cash! He managed to get an ipod and a cell phone! He of course was geeked.....Then Monday we went to the gym in the a.m. and hung out and took pictures with Mel and Nikki in the p.m., Noah off to practice! Tuesday! PHEEW! We decided to stay home Tuesday and clean, Noah cleaned his room spotless!! Amazing job! and then we worked the cencession for the JV girls basketball game!

NOW I'm playing catch up with everything TECHY......and my PC is being wierd..can't click on links via FB or it freezes.....can't figure it out but may need to get a "de-bug" software. Thrilled about that! NOT :/

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO loving the CRICUT! I can't even believe how good of a deal we got on that!!!! $99 at Big Lots! Had no idea they even carried CriCut but lo and behold the ad says $99!!!! Away we go! I felt especially good about this purchase because I had saved $73 for it and only had to borrow $27 from the tax return!

So at any rate I still have some updating to do.....Thinking about moving my scrap/crafty stuff upstairs to the LR that nobody uses and revamping the ent. center that is up there....has nothing in it.....so thinking about using it for crafty storage!!!!! We'll see what the hubster says when he gets home! Kickboxing tonight and then I should have some updated photos to add tomorrow!!!

Hope all is well!!!!


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Holy Moly am I BEHIND!!!!

I've missed so much here!!!! I'll have to catch you all up tomorrow! It's been a VERY busy last 1/2 of the week and weekend!!!!! BIG post to come tomorrow!


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sewing.....time to re-teach myself!

SERIOUSLY!!! I taught myself the first time....was TOTALLY GUNG-HO on sewing pillows mostly and that was about.....hmmmmmmm I'd say.... wait let me think here.....Noah was in preschool so had to be about 8 years ago maybe 9! YAH! for sure!!!
This is it.....soon to become my friend!!!! Ready to hear that hummmmmmm of the pedal and the needle and so on and so on.....planning to tie it in with scrapbooking and the other crafting that I do! CAN'T WAIT.....pretty geeked about it actually!

So, after looking on some other blogs that I love to stalk! (GUSSY has alot to sew and others!) I decided it was time.....time to dust off that thing and get it fired up again!!!!!! Now I'll first have to become best friends again with the manual but I think I can do it!!
So to get it off this shelf and back in ACTION!!!!

So since all evening activities for our school are cancelled tonight I might just be able to give it a shot.....however I have to remember that I have those Valentine projects to finish up.....Maybe I should get off here and Facebook and work on them!!!!! ;)


Monday, February 8, 2010

ok so.....it's MOnday and we are apparently in for it!!

a big winter storm that is! WoodTV8 is saying that it could start as early as tonight (middle of the night type thing) and by the a.m. commute tomorrow it could be in full force. They showed a radar map (by hours) as Tues progresses and by 6p.m. they say a potential of 9-12"......most areas in Michigan are currently under a winter storm watch except those near the border....they have a winter storm warning. Now the radio says that we too will be upgraded to a warning before the end of tonight.....FUN STUFF!!!!! I would LOVE one more stormy event before we look forward to SPRING......today is just gorgeous tho so the calm before the storm.....we'll take it!!

This past week was pretty busy with no school Friday and baking all of Thursday for the Coaches vs. Cancer (fell to Fennville 36-29)....Noah played AMAZINGLY on Saturday! He gets so much better each week I just LOVE IT!!!

His defense was much stronger.....lay-ups were better and he scored 2 points! Not bad for a first timer!!!! And as a team they made some GREAT plays! Good passing and great teamwork!!!! LOVE IT!

This week Noah's team plays a Holland team which could present a little more of a challenge for us....word on the street is they have a pretty good team.....have to wait and see! This weekend, Noah's birthday! He'll be 12! HOLY MOLY! 12! Planning a little get together with some of his buddies..... a little bowling I think and then some lunch...........just chillin'!

So crafty plans this week.....finishing up some projects for Valentines Day....More details on those later! Can't give away secrets!!!! ;)
I was hoping to make it to Scrap Scribble and Stick this week but with the weather I don't know if I'll get here...just want to see if any new CHA stuff is out!


Sunday, February 7, 2010

eekkk, kind of behind here!

Oops.........well, a few days have certainly gotten away from me!!! So much to catch up on but alas....It's SUPER BOWL TIME!!!!

I'll certainly catch up with you all tomorrow!


Thursday, February 4, 2010

Baking Baking and more Baking!

Baking my little chocolate chip cookies today for the big Coaches vs. Cancer event at school tomorrow nite! Can't wait for the event but I sure am sick of seeing cookies!!!!!

New class tonight!!!! AB REHAB! WooooHOOOO!~ Let's do it! Check back later on!
Mike and Noah are going to conferences.....crossing fingers!


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

One of those "What to do days".................

and not just what to do next in my day....I think about that stuff alot. What do I want to do next in my life. I'm truly loving being able to "stay home" right now with the kiddos....even tho they are almost 12 and 14 now......they still need mom. ;) I have dreams and aspirations.....the family has dreams of things we want to do together, just one of those days where I find myself (in the middle of vacuuming say....) thinking....What to do now.

I'm sure I'm not the only one with these "days" and I'm not AT ALL saying they are bad ~ I rather enjoy them and so does my journal as it gets lots and lots of attention! I can tell you one thing, I have a new appreciation for being able to just do nothing! It's been a long time since I haven't had a work schedule to follow that made it hard for me to "enjoy" things....That part I LOVE LOVE LOVE and I just wonder....what next? VERY exciting! Not sure what but it's VERY exciting!

On another note, time to get the taxes done I guess....UGH. I hate that! It's sooooooooooooooooooooooo boring to me.....We typically do ours on the net at home and ugh....it's so boring! ;) But then again we are too cheap to pay someone to do it when we can easily do it ourselves.....so hmpf....we'll do it.

Downloaded some new music yesterday to my ipod...can't wait to set up some new playlists for running and working out. YEAH!!!!! Nothin like some new tunes!! Pretty excited about being able to SLEEP IN (sorry honey....) on Friday! No school! YEAH!! I think I'm about as excited as they are!!!! Only thing is then I can't usually get to the gym or I choose not to go when they are home. We workout together here at home. Believe it or not!!!! We give Jillians CardioKickboxing a run and then probably play some wii.....something together! Friday night is the big Coaches vs. Cancer event at the school! We'll be there from like 4:30 until probably 9! Should be fun and it's for a GREAT cause!

Ok, off to get some lunch! POTD today is my bread....my newfound love! Baking bread! It's so relaxing!!!!
Happy Hump Day!


Monday, February 1, 2010

Ok so....typical Monday stuff....

Noah wasn't feeling too great last night, had a headache and a little sore throat... too much excitement this weekend must have been! 2 basketball games and friends house...anyway, he ended up taking a pretty long nap on Sunday afternoon and then by 10p.m. Sunday night I was ready to head to bed (couldn't stay up for the grammy's anymore) and he couldn't fall asleep....still had a bit of a headache so I had him climb in my bed (Mike had fallen asleep downstairs) and it didn't take long and he was OUT! I don't think he has climbed in my bed with me since....I don't know!!!! Kinda funny, kinda cute.

So other than Typical Monday stuff and the fact that I can't seem to type a word correctly not much going on here tonight. Waiting for The Bachelor! Can't wait!!!! Fun Fun Fun!!!!!! :) Made homemade hummus today....YUMOLA! Spread it on a whole wheat tortilla and had a nice wrap with veggies and pork tenderloin! ummmmmm it was GRAND! Tomorrow....I will attempt Lunch Pail Muffins from Eat Clean Cookbook for Family and kids (Tosca Reno)....if all goes well I will post the recipe.

Kids have a short week this week from school....next week too! Next week Friday starts Winter BReak! (We never got a winter break!!!) so they get Friday the 12th off and then Monday the 15th and Tues the 16th off! SHEESH!!!! Oh well, I like them home too....it's very relaxed then! Maybe we'll take a road trip or something.....

Leaving with a photo today of Noah and I over New Years....just being silly I guess. Til tomorrow!