Monday, January 18, 2010

Happy Monday!!!!!

Mondays have a way don't they.....sometimes it's a good way and other times it's we'll say a "trying" way....not necessarily a bad way but definitely can try your patience!

So my Monday started out pretty good....ran 2 miles on the treadmill at the gym, did some legs and glutes and then had a good ole' stretch session! LOVE those!!! I wish I could get one of those stretch machines for HOME! Kris and I decided it would be great to use while watching your favorite show or something! Thoughts! Or DREAMS! ;)

Today's picture of the day (potd) will be Makiah at the orthodontist office.... It has definitely become a big part of our lives...Goes a little something like this for Makiah..."Makiah did you check and see where you are at (Blood Sugar), did you take your pill (cholesterol pill), did you bolus (insulin from insulin pump) for dinner? did you brush your teeth?, do you have rubberbands on???? EVERY SINGLE DAY/NIGHT!! No rest at all! So will be the ortho office.

Tonight Noah has basketball practice - hopefully!!! Granted we get gym time....which is another post ALL together....
TONIGHT - channel 13 @ 8.....The BACHELOR!!! For those followers....looks like it gets a little "heated" again tonight!

Chat soon friends! Thanks for following!!!



  1. Good for you for doing 2 miles.

    I am just starting to get into it again. So I am starting slow and only did 1 mile today.

  2. Tracy....1 mile is better than nothing at all! ;)