Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ok, so one would think..................

That blogging wouldn't be that hard and maybe it's just me! LOL.....I will admit that I have failed miserably the last month or so to get anything on here!! Not because we haven't been doing stuff cuz we have I just sometimes "forget".....I know I know.....excuses. Not really, I just forget. Funny thing tho....I find time to read others blogs LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL but forget about my own!!

So another thing I am willing to admit that I am failing miserably on is my POTD (Picture of the day).....I take pictures.....just haven't been doing it everyday like I committed to....Oh well. I am still having fun with the project. Still have plans to keep on blogging just might not be EVERYDAY......hahahaha like it ever was! I'm home all day too! That's the craziness of it!!!!! Of course I do day to day stuff for home (laundry, kitchen duties, groceries etc.etc.)I FB, I scrapbook, I am trying to sew after being inspired by a fellow blogger *Gussy*
and haven't been getting much of that done either......Oh well, just a quick note to let my 8 followers know what's new! LOL!


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Who'da Thunk!

That "managing" a blog would be so much work! Just Kidding it's not really but when things get crazy busy and you find yourself having to "prioritize" it seems as tho my blog isn't that hi on my list just yet.

I try to keep up with it for my out of town friends and family and I will come back and update again but I may have to "reassess" things a bit.....afterall my moto for 2010 is "Simplify" - the simplier the better!