Saturday, April 3, 2010


I'm so excited for the LAZY DAYS of break!!! No having to get up early and get the kiddos to school.....can stay up late(er) and scrapbook (I'm sooooooooo not a night owl!) we can hang out we can watch the MSU basketball game tonight!!!! GO SPARTANS!

Tomorrow is Easter and we will be heading up north for a scavenger hunt.....Should be fun....Camera in hand to get some good family pics! The rest of the week is kinda undecided yet but that's cool! We'll be hitting MVP for a couple days to check that out! Hoping to at least! Makiah has practice a couple days.....Noah will probably have practice a couple days too so YAH US!!!!!!!

Enjoy friends! Hope to be back to post some pictures in a day or so!


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ok, so one would think..................

That blogging wouldn't be that hard and maybe it's just me! LOL.....I will admit that I have failed miserably the last month or so to get anything on here!! Not because we haven't been doing stuff cuz we have I just sometimes "forget".....I know I know.....excuses. Not really, I just forget. Funny thing tho....I find time to read others blogs LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL but forget about my own!!

So another thing I am willing to admit that I am failing miserably on is my POTD (Picture of the day).....I take pictures.....just haven't been doing it everyday like I committed to....Oh well. I am still having fun with the project. Still have plans to keep on blogging just might not be EVERYDAY......hahahaha like it ever was! I'm home all day too! That's the craziness of it!!!!! Of course I do day to day stuff for home (laundry, kitchen duties, groceries etc.etc.)I FB, I scrapbook, I am trying to sew after being inspired by a fellow blogger *Gussy*
and haven't been getting much of that done either......Oh well, just a quick note to let my 8 followers know what's new! LOL!


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Who'da Thunk!

That "managing" a blog would be so much work! Just Kidding it's not really but when things get crazy busy and you find yourself having to "prioritize" it seems as tho my blog isn't that hi on my list just yet.

I try to keep up with it for my out of town friends and family and I will come back and update again but I may have to "reassess" things a bit.....afterall my moto for 2010 is "Simplify" - the simplier the better!


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bad Blogger.....BAD! ;)

I must admit.....time does get away from you rather quickly and what do I choose to let suffer.....MY Blog......I think about it often as I'm in the car or sitting at this game or sitting at this practice or - watching last nights episode of the BACHELOR!~ HOLY MOLY............friends and fellow Bachelor fanatics! COULDN'T believe my ears when Rozlyn was up there talking to Chris!!!! WOWZA!!!!! She has some nerve.....SOME NERVE! Just fess up already that you like this person and be done. You make it so much worse but DENYING IT!

Oh....sorry, forgot. The Blog. So.....yes, I have missed sooooooooooooo much and I am still soooooooooo behind on loading pictures etc on here.....Faraway friends and family....I apologize I really will try to get them loaded.....tomorrow! Tonight is the last varsity basketball game at home and we have to go! HAVE TO! ;) Mike and I are as much addicted to it as the kids are.

Other than things just getting away from me (and me begin a bit lazy at times) nothing SUPERBLY special going on here....moving my craft space AGAIN! Really....I swear I spend more time moving it from place to place than actually getting time to work on STUFF! I mean SERIOUSLY will I just commit to a spot and stick with it! Well, I moved out of this room where I am currently typing from because it gets SO cold back here.....legitimate's a downstairs bedroom, corner of the house and it's REALLY REALLY cold in here (PC will be moving too as soon as we can figure out how to move the internet connection!) I moved out into the family room....well.....that was all fine and dandy for a few weeks but I was growing tired of constantly having to dust off my stuff b/c the wood stove is right there and my supplies and goodies were constantly being showered with ashy stuff,....sooooooooo away we go again.....this time back upstairs! But I have taken over an entertainment center that we have for the bulk of my stuff and then I need to scout around for a desk.............wish me luck!
It's definitely a process.............................


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

WOW! so much to little time to say it!

Well, gotta start somewhere right!
So this weekend was Noah's birthday, haven't even had a chance to go through those pictures yet..........will post some fun when I'm done! Kids were also on Winter Break from school so they had from Friday to Tuesday off....we shopped on Friday at Rivertown Mall...had a great time and got some good deals, took Nikki and Katie with us, Saturday Noah had basketball in the a.m. and then we celebrated his birthday (which was actually SUnday!) by bowling and lunch and Aquatic Center....the boys sleptover and Sunday was his actual birthday so we took him to town (Makiah spent the entire day with Kupres' at CMU) shopping since he raked in the cash! He managed to get an ipod and a cell phone! He of course was geeked.....Then Monday we went to the gym in the a.m. and hung out and took pictures with Mel and Nikki in the p.m., Noah off to practice! Tuesday! PHEEW! We decided to stay home Tuesday and clean, Noah cleaned his room spotless!! Amazing job! and then we worked the cencession for the JV girls basketball game!

NOW I'm playing catch up with everything TECHY......and my PC is being wierd..can't click on links via FB or it freezes.....can't figure it out but may need to get a "de-bug" software. Thrilled about that! NOT :/

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO loving the CRICUT! I can't even believe how good of a deal we got on that!!!! $99 at Big Lots! Had no idea they even carried CriCut but lo and behold the ad says $99!!!! Away we go! I felt especially good about this purchase because I had saved $73 for it and only had to borrow $27 from the tax return!

So at any rate I still have some updating to do.....Thinking about moving my scrap/crafty stuff upstairs to the LR that nobody uses and revamping the ent. center that is up there....has nothing in thinking about using it for crafty storage!!!!! We'll see what the hubster says when he gets home! Kickboxing tonight and then I should have some updated photos to add tomorrow!!!

Hope all is well!!!!


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Holy Moly am I BEHIND!!!!

I've missed so much here!!!! I'll have to catch you all up tomorrow! It's been a VERY busy last 1/2 of the week and weekend!!!!! BIG post to come tomorrow!


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sewing.....time to re-teach myself!

SERIOUSLY!!! I taught myself the first time....was TOTALLY GUNG-HO on sewing pillows mostly and that was about.....hmmmmmmm I'd say.... wait let me think here.....Noah was in preschool so had to be about 8 years ago maybe 9! YAH! for sure!!!
This is it.....soon to become my friend!!!! Ready to hear that hummmmmmm of the pedal and the needle and so on and so on.....planning to tie it in with scrapbooking and the other crafting that I do! CAN'T WAIT.....pretty geeked about it actually!

So, after looking on some other blogs that I love to stalk! (GUSSY has alot to sew and others!) I decided it was time.....time to dust off that thing and get it fired up again!!!!!! Now I'll first have to become best friends again with the manual but I think I can do it!!
So to get it off this shelf and back in ACTION!!!!

So since all evening activities for our school are cancelled tonight I might just be able to give it a shot.....however I have to remember that I have those Valentine projects to finish up.....Maybe I should get off here and Facebook and work on them!!!!! ;)


Monday, February 8, 2010

ok's MOnday and we are apparently in for it!!

a big winter storm that is! WoodTV8 is saying that it could start as early as tonight (middle of the night type thing) and by the a.m. commute tomorrow it could be in full force. They showed a radar map (by hours) as Tues progresses and by 6p.m. they say a potential of 9-12"......most areas in Michigan are currently under a winter storm watch except those near the border....they have a winter storm warning. Now the radio says that we too will be upgraded to a warning before the end of tonight.....FUN STUFF!!!!! I would LOVE one more stormy event before we look forward to is just gorgeous tho so the calm before the storm.....we'll take it!!

This past week was pretty busy with no school Friday and baking all of Thursday for the Coaches vs. Cancer (fell to Fennville 36-29)....Noah played AMAZINGLY on Saturday! He gets so much better each week I just LOVE IT!!!

His defense was much stronger.....lay-ups were better and he scored 2 points! Not bad for a first timer!!!! And as a team they made some GREAT plays! Good passing and great teamwork!!!! LOVE IT!

This week Noah's team plays a Holland team which could present a little more of a challenge for us....word on the street is they have a pretty good team.....have to wait and see! This weekend, Noah's birthday! He'll be 12! HOLY MOLY! 12! Planning a little get together with some of his buddies..... a little bowling I think and then some lunch...........just chillin'!

So crafty plans this week.....finishing up some projects for Valentines Day....More details on those later! Can't give away secrets!!!! ;)
I was hoping to make it to Scrap Scribble and Stick this week but with the weather I don't know if I'll get here...just want to see if any new CHA stuff is out!


Sunday, February 7, 2010

eekkk, kind of behind here!

Oops.........well, a few days have certainly gotten away from me!!! So much to catch up on but alas....It's SUPER BOWL TIME!!!!

I'll certainly catch up with you all tomorrow!


Thursday, February 4, 2010

Baking Baking and more Baking!

Baking my little chocolate chip cookies today for the big Coaches vs. Cancer event at school tomorrow nite! Can't wait for the event but I sure am sick of seeing cookies!!!!!

New class tonight!!!! AB REHAB! WooooHOOOO!~ Let's do it! Check back later on!
Mike and Noah are going to conferences.....crossing fingers!


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

One of those "What to do days".................

and not just what to do next in my day....I think about that stuff alot. What do I want to do next in my life. I'm truly loving being able to "stay home" right now with the kiddos....even tho they are almost 12 and 14 now......they still need mom. ;) I have dreams and aspirations.....the family has dreams of things we want to do together, just one of those days where I find myself (in the middle of vacuuming say....) thinking....What to do now.

I'm sure I'm not the only one with these "days" and I'm not AT ALL saying they are bad ~ I rather enjoy them and so does my journal as it gets lots and lots of attention! I can tell you one thing, I have a new appreciation for being able to just do nothing! It's been a long time since I haven't had a work schedule to follow that made it hard for me to "enjoy" things....That part I LOVE LOVE LOVE and I just wonder....what next? VERY exciting! Not sure what but it's VERY exciting!

On another note, time to get the taxes done I guess....UGH. I hate that! It's sooooooooooooooooooooooo boring to me.....We typically do ours on the net at home and's so boring! ;) But then again we are too cheap to pay someone to do it when we can easily do it hmpf....we'll do it.

Downloaded some new music yesterday to my ipod...can't wait to set up some new playlists for running and working out. YEAH!!!!! Nothin like some new tunes!! Pretty excited about being able to SLEEP IN (sorry honey....) on Friday! No school! YEAH!! I think I'm about as excited as they are!!!! Only thing is then I can't usually get to the gym or I choose not to go when they are home. We workout together here at home. Believe it or not!!!! We give Jillians CardioKickboxing a run and then probably play some wii.....something together! Friday night is the big Coaches vs. Cancer event at the school! We'll be there from like 4:30 until probably 9! Should be fun and it's for a GREAT cause!

Ok, off to get some lunch! POTD today is my newfound love! Baking bread! It's so relaxing!!!!
Happy Hump Day!


Monday, February 1, 2010

Ok so....typical Monday stuff....

Noah wasn't feeling too great last night, had a headache and a little sore throat... too much excitement this weekend must have been! 2 basketball games and friends house...anyway, he ended up taking a pretty long nap on Sunday afternoon and then by 10p.m. Sunday night I was ready to head to bed (couldn't stay up for the grammy's anymore) and he couldn't fall asleep....still had a bit of a headache so I had him climb in my bed (Mike had fallen asleep downstairs) and it didn't take long and he was OUT! I don't think he has climbed in my bed with me since....I don't know!!!! Kinda funny, kinda cute.

So other than Typical Monday stuff and the fact that I can't seem to type a word correctly not much going on here tonight. Waiting for The Bachelor! Can't wait!!!! Fun Fun Fun!!!!!! :) Made homemade hummus today....YUMOLA! Spread it on a whole wheat tortilla and had a nice wrap with veggies and pork tenderloin! ummmmmm it was GRAND! Tomorrow....I will attempt Lunch Pail Muffins from Eat Clean Cookbook for Family and kids (Tosca Reno)....if all goes well I will post the recipe.

Kids have a short week this week from week too! Next week Friday starts Winter BReak! (We never got a winter break!!!) so they get Friday the 12th off and then Monday the 15th and Tues the 16th off! SHEESH!!!! Oh well, I like them home's very relaxed then! Maybe we'll take a road trip or something.....

Leaving with a photo today of Noah and I over New Years....just being silly I guess. Til tomorrow!


Saturday, January 30, 2010

Just love watching Noah and the boys.....

So full of energy and determination it's just incredible!!! They played AMAZING today! First game against Allegan1 they were ahead 31-0 at the the score goes back to zero zero when that happens.....they played awesome! Such GREAT teamwork for 5/6 graders.....I will try to post pics of each of the 7 boys....I think I got them all! First....My little man

The team getting ready to head out on the court!

and Blake for a shot! I'll add more tomorrow after I go through them all!


MOre Saugatuck Basketball today!!!! This time YOUNG boys!

And they are sooooooo fun to watch!! Today 2 games against Allegan at home! GO INDIANS! Workout with Kiah later at the Rec Center and then hopefully some scrapbooking time in there. Probably make Mike his birthday dinner today since we didn't get time to do it this week between all the practices and stuff. We made him cupcakes on Monday but tonight we'll do Pork Stir-fry!! YUM!!!!

Post pictures later of the boys games!!! POTD! Basketball AGAIN~! JK....I'll throw in some other pics for good measure!


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

New Scrapbook goodies!!!!

My Minds Eye! I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this company!! I could scrap with this stuff all day!!!! Take a look if your interested....Patterns are WAY FUN!

OOPS!!!!!!!! I can't believe I forgot to post this last night after kickboxing! Must have been that wiped out!! ;)

More to follow today but take a look at these new paper patterns from My Mind Eye in the meantime (non scrapbookers....They are FUN to look at!)


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New manufacturer for the Scrapbook Industry!

Kiki Art!!
This stuff is can check it out on her blog and even register to win some!!!


POTD....Trying to decide on..........

Taking some before/after pics of myself for my workout journal OR Noah playing his wii - MADDEN 10!! Maybe both!!!

Pretty uneventful Tuesday here....preparing for a quiet night at home. We opted not to go to the basketball games tonight...we just run and run all the time and I thought everyone could use a night home to just chill! Oh MOM....I know but the rest of the week/end is going to entail SOMETHING going on EVERYDAY so tonight....we CHILL!

Enjoy your evening everyone!
Oh and if you are scrapbookers like sure to check out 2peas in a bucket They are posting LOTS AND LOTS of new scrapbook goodies just unveiled at the CHA (Craft and Hobby Association) show! I've been stalking it for DAYS!!!!! YUMMY stuff!


Monday, January 25, 2010

Sometimes I think it's about going back to our roots.....

I know the first thing you think of when you read to title is huh??? Or, this could be kinda hokey....Not at all. This week I found out that a store in Holland (where the teens LOVE to shop!) had closed quite abruptly! Kind of a shock to everyone and more so to the was one of the better places for them to go to "outfit themselves" and we ALL know how important that is when you are a teen.

Anyway.....I started thinking about it yesterday while I was on the treadmill (again...I do ALOT of great thinking on that thing!) and started reflecting back. When I was a teen and we didn't have all the fancy malls like we do now (we did have the Woodland Mall in GR but it was such a drive to get there....we rarely went). For us it was downtown Holland. The reason (stick with me here) it struck me so nostalgically is because I kept remembering more and more about what we did downtown when I was a kid.

I remember JCPenney being on the corner of River and 8th I think...2 stories. Kids/ youth stuff was up the stairs. I remember FREQUENTLY going to the Model Drug store / Apothecary store for the fun goodies they had....lip gloss, Mrs. Grossman's stickers, 5&dime candies, all that kinda stuff. We often hit Woolworth for the same stuff....
I remember also shopping at Steketees department store for the more trendy lines that we longed for....always a little more expensive so we didn't get them often but... I remember going into DuMez brothers (my Grandma VanLente's FAVORITE place to go!) where we could get some really cute stuff! I remember one time buying a pair of pants for Easter there....I was sooooooooo excited! Then we would grab lunch often at the Windmill restaurant (which by the way is still there!), we would often go get books at The Readers World (LOVED going in here to get the next sequel to my Sweet Valley High series! - Loved Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield!!!) there was also a bakery on River ave close to Readers World where we would pick up pig in a blankets....and then there was one of my favorite clothing stores there called "Threadz"....

As years went on we were allowed to be dropped off downtown to walk around by ourselves for a few hours on Saturdays (have a hard time doing that nowdays), we would go get pops at BK and the we often would go into the Depot for our dream of owning Guess and Gasoline jeans - Or Hutchinsons for our Calvin Kleins. Loved Hutchinsons to cuz they had the BEST display of HELLO KITTY stuff!!! and once we got into High School we would go into AR Daanes and admire those Nautica jackets!....I think EVERYONE admired those!

Anyway....just thought it was neat that I kept remembering more and more..... maybe just maybe things always lead back to your roots! OR maybe you have to create your own "roots" so to speak. I think everyone should have places that they can remember like that!
I wanna look and see if there are any pics I can pull up for you and post....they ahd some COOL places down there! Thanks for reading along!


Sunday, January 24, 2010

So much fun at the Scrapbook Day yesterday!!!!

Stacey....thanks again for inviting us!!! We had such a great time....I managed to get 12 pages done! COMPLETELY done, journaled and everything! 1 started that still needs some love but I am soooooo excited for having done that many!!!!!

Here's a sneak peak....this is the only peak that I can show cuz this album is a gift for my niece for graduation!! I love you Nicole! ;)

I used My Minds Eye Kaleidascope papers....some Heidi Swapp flowers, Making Memories ribbon, big letters are 3bugs in a rug.... and some buttons....I really LOVE FUN!!!

Great to see April and Sam as to reconnect with them since it's been gosh....3 weeks!!! LOL.....just kidding SAM! Got to chat with a few others....very nice lady Val that owns the Scrapbook Hut in Cadillac was gracious enough to come around with demonstrations so we didn't all have to get up and interrupt our scrap time...THANKS VAL! Loved all your demos...I think my fav was the crete paper flowers! SUPER SUPER cute! And what a nice selection of stuff she had on site! Wish I could have picked up some more things but I'll never get my Cricut if I indulge too much.......Great papers from BG (Basic Grey) and October Afternoon....Some cool felt flowers (Makiah really loved those)....

Check out her site if your a Northerner for store coupons and for everyone else check out the scrapbook retreat info that she has....Sounds like fun to me!!

Hard to believe we only spent.........76cents! I know!!!!!!! I couldn't believe it either....but I went there with my pages all ready to go (to be assembled), sketches in had along with some important info and since I'm doing this book for Nicole I really need to get some work done on it while April was there! She's a walking calendar I swear! I'd be like "Hey April....any idea when this was?" She would respond "Yah that had to be.....blah blah blah!" Just BAM....Know what year it was... me....I have to think about those things but I can usually figure it out...!

There was also a Close to My Heart demonstrator that was very nice...let us look over things on her table and check out some of the goodies...without being too pushy..(Boy do I hate that!!).....I thought about picking up a CTMH idea book/catalog super cute stuff in there....they are only $3.95 and have GREAT ideas in it but again....saving for the cricut! ;) Anyway, if you're interested in check out the CTMH catalog you can can even purchase online.

Anyway friends...had a great time yesterday hop you all enjoyed your day as well... please pass on the address of our blog to friends so they too can follow along! I am thoroughly enjoying it!!


Friday, January 22, 2010

My shoulders are sooooooooooooo tired!!

Ok, so this is what a week looks like for me at the gym:

Monday; CARDIO (try for 3 miles on the treadmill or 30 minutes), then I do legs and glutes
Tuesday; Back and Lats....
Wednesday; no lifting in the gym in the a.m., cardiokickboxing at night that requires lots and lots of energy!
Thursday; my fav....Bi's and Tri's! and let me tell you.....they are burning once we are done!
Friday; CARDIO (again trying for 3 miles) and Shoulders and Lats

Now, mind you I try to mix it up as much as I can....keep those muscles guessing!!

So today..............holy moly, I stepped it up and increased my weight. My shoulders are sooooooooooooooooooo tired! Reaching for things in the kitchen and even shredding cheese for lunch was a challenge! LOL I love it though! I owe Mac and Kris a ton for letting me tag along with them!
They both told me this week that they could see a HUGE difference in my strength and appearance! YES!!!!!!!!! Thanks goodness! All this hardwork is starting to pay off! Believe me when I say, alot of sweat and tears...a little tiny bit of blood from punching the bags without my gloves on!

My punching gloves and weight training gloves are very close friends to me now!! LOL...
It HARD to start a habit of going to the gym or working out faithfully and to keep it interesting enough that you WANT to do it! I am a HUGE believer in a workout partner if you can find one and times etc. work out....I am also a HUGE believer in making HUGE changes right away! It worked for me/us...some like to go gradual and implement small changes slowly...I decided what MAJOR things needed to change and DID and didn't look back! It has made ALL the difference for me!!!! I still have to work at it but it has really made a difference in our family!


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Got pulled over last night for..............

A burned out headlight! Crazy thing is, it just went out that morning....didn't make it to the store to get a new bulb yet! (We have it now though!).....He didn't give me a ticket but he said that he did make "note" of it that he spoke with me about it and to get it fixed right away! Drive safe! hmpf!

He did tell me too that they will not be so lenient anymore on stuff....headlights etc. My guess is that they are cracking down to issue more tickets so we have to pay the state more!!!

Anyway, that was the excitement for last night. Today my day was kinda outta wack.... went to town after the gym to get some pages for a scrapbook album I'm doing and then on the way home Makiah texted me and said she needed pump supplies so I quick went home, got those together, grabbed a snack (hadn't eaten since the gym!), brought her supplies to school and back was like 11:45 then but still my system was messed up and I just couldn't get into the groove at all after that. Sounds silly I know but it's a fact.

Been trying to correspond with some friends I haven't seen in a long time so I made some cards and sent them out. Kinda wierd putting "stamps" on things again! I don't mail ANYTHING! Really.....So we'll see if I hear back from them....

Jean, Linda, Ron and Marge....hoping to reconnect with you and a few others!
Off to the JV basketball game. Back to school we go. Be nice when we live a little closer!



Wednesday, January 20, 2010

So cool to watch young boys.....

as "THEY" watch their local (high school) idols! Last night at the Saugatuck Varsity Basketball game I would look at Noah occassionally and see the amazement in his eyes with some of the shots those guys were making and the fancy footwork and ball handling they do.....This being Noah's first year playing bball I could just see the "someday I wanna be able to do that" look in his eye. Pretty cool stuff!

Not much going on here today friends....just cleaning up, getting ready for a scrapbook day that I am TOTALLY geeked for!!! Can't wait to see April and Sam and scrapbook til my hearts content (ok at least until the event is done!)!!! GOOD STUFF THERE! There's just something about that creative outlet....EVERYONE need that outlet! It is soooooooooooooo good for the soul! Makes you feel so good inside! You, yes you created this whatever it may be....scrapbook page, calendar, mini-book, clock, cards, knit booties (just for you Cin!), etc...etc...etc...Ok...Ok, off my soapbox now. :)

Kickboxing tonight! Can't wait....! Make it a great hump day everyone! Chat later on!
Oh....POTD........hmmmmmmm haven't done it yet....out the door in a hurry this a.m. (cuz I have one child that insists on being to school almost before the teachers get there!!! LOL) and forgot my camera...Driving home I saw the most beautiful sky.... Pretty pink shades and then the way I was heading was a beautiful horizon of trees and of course they were "black" cuz it was still darkish out. STUNNING and wished I had my camera....Don't worry. I'll find "SOMETHING"!!


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

POTD.....Today it's my lunch! ;) No I'm not running out of ideas!

Yes....Today my POTD is my lunch! Once I get it all made, set on the plate and make sure I have my fruits and vegetable accounted grain etc. I thought it was soooooooo pretty! TADA!!!!!!!! POTD!

And then this pic is our fruits and vegetables for 2 weeks....there are a few things that weren't in the picture but purchased.....Lettuce, Spinach etc.


Monday, January 18, 2010

Happy Monday!!!!!

Mondays have a way don't they.....sometimes it's a good way and other times it's we'll say a "trying" way....not necessarily a bad way but definitely can try your patience!

So my Monday started out pretty good....ran 2 miles on the treadmill at the gym, did some legs and glutes and then had a good ole' stretch session! LOVE those!!! I wish I could get one of those stretch machines for HOME! Kris and I decided it would be great to use while watching your favorite show or something! Thoughts! Or DREAMS! ;)

Today's picture of the day (potd) will be Makiah at the orthodontist office.... It has definitely become a big part of our lives...Goes a little something like this for Makiah..."Makiah did you check and see where you are at (Blood Sugar), did you take your pill (cholesterol pill), did you bolus (insulin from insulin pump) for dinner? did you brush your teeth?, do you have rubberbands on???? EVERY SINGLE DAY/NIGHT!! No rest at all! So will be the ortho office.

Tonight Noah has basketball practice - hopefully!!! Granted we get gym time....which is another post ALL together....
TONIGHT - channel 13 @ 8.....The BACHELOR!!! For those followers....looks like it gets a little "heated" again tonight!

Chat soon friends! Thanks for following!!!


Sunday, January 17, 2010

So....Let's talk a little about some of our dreams ....

And by that I mean dreams that you have of things to do....not crazy wild and wacky dreams that you have after eating a bunch of spicy mexican food!! LOL.............

I'll start.....I have had a few and of course as the years go on they have a tendancy to change a bit. After college I wanted to move to Chicago and be a big Interior DEsigner and would have my own studio/store!! Well.....that all changed after college and I ended up an Interior Designer in Holland. Once we started our family I wasn't able to keep up with the hours required by many Interior Designers so I gave that up but never lost the dream of having my own studio/store.

NOW.....and for the last several years it's always been a dream of mine to have my own scrapbooking/crafting/photography studio/place! Some place where everyone can be CREATIVE in their own way! With photography I capture precious and incredible moments, with scrapbooking I preserve those precious and incredible moments for generations to follow along and the crating is just a unique outlet for those times when we need to "release".....everyone has those moments when we need a release of some sort.........I'm not giving up on my dream! How about all of you???

I'd LOVE to hear some of your dreams before and after is good too! Did your first dreams become reality? Have your dreams changed??

I know both my kids have dreams....Makiah wants to go to ASU (Arizona State University) or MSU for either journalism or Dietician....Noah wants to play MLB! Mike has a dream of someday moving out west say Colorado, Wyoming....something like that. Who knows....Maybe someday!

Today's POTD....Our fresh fruits and vegetables! It's important to me!!!


Pages promised.....last night. OOPS!

So.....very sorry about not posting those layouts cuz I know there are sooooo many of my 7 followers sitting n the edge of their seats WAITING TO SEE! LOL hahahaha... we got wrapped up in the COLTS game last night and then after that we got involved in an episode of Without a Trace (go figure! never watch that show any other time!) and that went until 2am!

So I did 2 layouts on of Makiah and Sam "Cousins & Friends" and then one of Noah...."He's SO worth the wait"....Now looking at the one of Noah yesterday I need to add something to it yet so it's not entirely finished.

Here ya go:

Makiah and Sam... "Cousins&Friends" I used some new to me Basic Grey paper and some making memories ribbon and american crafts ribbon, HUGE & stamp is StampinUp... Other stickers are Mary Englebriet (YES OLD!) and American Crafts and some clear acrylic letters from 7gypsies!

and Noah....

"He's SO worth the wait" For this I used VERY old Basic Grey paper, American Crafts stickers, Makin Memories foam stamps and some unknown rub-ons!

I was trying really hard to do the "use your stash" challenge on this....I did pretty well! Aside from the one sheet of Basic Grey paper(pink) I didn't buy a thing!


Saturday, January 16, 2010

WE WIN!!!!!!!

Saugatuck 6th grade boys basketball pulled off a win today against Hamilton 22-18. My first thought its to post all the adorable pics of the boys but since there are well over 100 (yes I'm a bit excessive at times) I'll just post a few and then really get into editing them later on tonight or tomorrow...

Noah dribbles down court

The big defender!

Noah's #5! Isn't he the cutest!!!!!
I'll post the layouts I did last night a little bit later tonight. Kiah's going to see AVATAR with Nikki and the girls and Noah is at Parkers....

Mike and I are going to have a nice dinner home and get ready for some COLTS FOOTBALL!!!!!Photobucket
Good Saturday Morning everyone!!!!
We are off this a.m. too Hamilton HS for Noah's first basketball game! (6th graders) My POTD (picture of the day).....HIS game! I'm a little excessive when it comes to taking pics of events that the kids are in....It will take me so me time to weed through the images when I get home but I will post some pics later in the p.m.

Indianapolis Football later today!! GO COLTS!!!!!!!!!ttfn!


Friday, January 15, 2010

not sure why......links aren't working!

After all that....I got an error about the links that I had posted to the blog but if you really want to see any of the stuff you can check out their respective websites!


Missd you yesterday BUT.....................

Mom, Jen and I had so much fun at Scrap Scribble and Stick!! What a great store and great staff! We were in there for almost 2 hours! ;) Of course we were a little overwhelmed at first but we managed to CONQUER it at least for the day! HOPING to be able to go back in a few weeks but we all got some goodies for new projects and am having SOOOOOOOOOOo much fun with the stuff!
For all you paper crafters out there I found the most amazing albums for scrapbooking - American Crafts "D" ring albums - you can see them here...VERY cool and really pretty patterns. You could potentially fit soooooooo many pages in here!~ AWesome...awesome! These aren't new to the market I don't think but they sure are pretty!!!

I got some cool new papers from BoBunny Press
from their "Persuasion" line

and also I grabbed a few of Pebbles

from their Little Miss collection Just adorable!!! And the cool thing with the Pebbles papers, the little tab with the barcode on it is now patterned on the other side so it's actually USEFUL! You can totally use it for a border on that page or a card....ANYTHING! WAY TO BE GREEN!

I'm sooo excited to be able to be creative again! It's such a GREAT feeling! We ALL have our own way of being CREATIVE and we need to embrace it and LOVE it! Hoping to be able to show you some Creative Goodness that I come up with this weekend! Noah has his first EVER (yes EVER!) 6th grade basketball game tomorrow at 10:30a.m. so everyone send some good vibes to Hamilton HS where they will be playing! It's been fun today sharing some of my goodies with you! Make it a great day!!!!

ps...Mom and Jen, I say we do it!
pss...Coffee???? Nope not today!

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