Wednesday, January 20, 2010

So cool to watch young boys.....

as "THEY" watch their local (high school) idols! Last night at the Saugatuck Varsity Basketball game I would look at Noah occassionally and see the amazement in his eyes with some of the shots those guys were making and the fancy footwork and ball handling they do.....This being Noah's first year playing bball I could just see the "someday I wanna be able to do that" look in his eye. Pretty cool stuff!

Not much going on here today friends....just cleaning up, getting ready for a scrapbook day that I am TOTALLY geeked for!!! Can't wait to see April and Sam and scrapbook til my hearts content (ok at least until the event is done!)!!! GOOD STUFF THERE! There's just something about that creative outlet....EVERYONE need that outlet! It is soooooooooooooo good for the soul! Makes you feel so good inside! You, yes you created this whatever it may be....scrapbook page, calendar, mini-book, clock, cards, knit booties (just for you Cin!), etc...etc...etc...Ok...Ok, off my soapbox now. :)

Kickboxing tonight! Can't wait....! Make it a great hump day everyone! Chat later on!
Oh....POTD........hmmmmmmm haven't done it yet....out the door in a hurry this a.m. (cuz I have one child that insists on being to school almost before the teachers get there!!! LOL) and forgot my camera...Driving home I saw the most beautiful sky.... Pretty pink shades and then the way I was heading was a beautiful horizon of trees and of course they were "black" cuz it was still darkish out. STUNNING and wished I had my camera....Don't worry. I'll find "SOMETHING"!!


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  1. Yes, creativeness is needed for the soul! I'm in the workshop creating today! :) My creativeness is just not good for my mind.....LOL! Too much up there! Poor John just doesn't know what I'm talking about whenever I open my mouth.....most of the time I haven't updated him with the latest plans! LOL!!!

    Enjoy your kickboxing :)