Wednesday, February 17, 2010

WOW! so much to little time to say it!

Well, gotta start somewhere right!
So this weekend was Noah's birthday, haven't even had a chance to go through those pictures yet..........will post some fun when I'm done! Kids were also on Winter Break from school so they had from Friday to Tuesday off....we shopped on Friday at Rivertown Mall...had a great time and got some good deals, took Nikki and Katie with us, Saturday Noah had basketball in the a.m. and then we celebrated his birthday (which was actually SUnday!) by bowling and lunch and Aquatic Center....the boys sleptover and Sunday was his actual birthday so we took him to town (Makiah spent the entire day with Kupres' at CMU) shopping since he raked in the cash! He managed to get an ipod and a cell phone! He of course was geeked.....Then Monday we went to the gym in the a.m. and hung out and took pictures with Mel and Nikki in the p.m., Noah off to practice! Tuesday! PHEEW! We decided to stay home Tuesday and clean, Noah cleaned his room spotless!! Amazing job! and then we worked the cencession for the JV girls basketball game!

NOW I'm playing catch up with everything TECHY......and my PC is being wierd..can't click on links via FB or it freezes.....can't figure it out but may need to get a "de-bug" software. Thrilled about that! NOT :/

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO loving the CRICUT! I can't even believe how good of a deal we got on that!!!! $99 at Big Lots! Had no idea they even carried CriCut but lo and behold the ad says $99!!!! Away we go! I felt especially good about this purchase because I had saved $73 for it and only had to borrow $27 from the tax return!

So at any rate I still have some updating to do.....Thinking about moving my scrap/crafty stuff upstairs to the LR that nobody uses and revamping the ent. center that is up there....has nothing in thinking about using it for crafty storage!!!!! We'll see what the hubster says when he gets home! Kickboxing tonight and then I should have some updated photos to add tomorrow!!!

Hope all is well!!!!


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  1. Wow you did have a busy week.
    I have been creating in the living room. We use ours and it looks like a disaster. But I seem to be getting more done being close to the family.