Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sewing.....time to re-teach myself!

SERIOUSLY!!! I taught myself the first time....was TOTALLY GUNG-HO on sewing pillows mostly and that was about.....hmmmmmmm I'd say.... wait let me think here.....Noah was in preschool so had to be about 8 years ago maybe 9! YAH! for sure!!!
This is it.....soon to become my friend!!!! Ready to hear that hummmmmmm of the pedal and the needle and so on and so on.....planning to tie it in with scrapbooking and the other crafting that I do! CAN'T WAIT.....pretty geeked about it actually!

So, after looking on some other blogs that I love to stalk! (GUSSY has alot to sew and others!) I decided it was time.....time to dust off that thing and get it fired up again!!!!!! Now I'll first have to become best friends again with the manual but I think I can do it!!
So to get it off this shelf and back in ACTION!!!!

So since all evening activities for our school are cancelled tonight I might just be able to give it a shot.....however I have to remember that I have those Valentine projects to finish up.....Maybe I should get off here and Facebook and work on them!!!!! ;)



  1. hey girl! if you are nervous about how to get started, just look up some how-to videos on YouTube -- that's what I did :)


  2. Its like riding a bike.
    You'll be humming along in no time.