Monday, February 1, 2010

Ok so....typical Monday stuff....

Noah wasn't feeling too great last night, had a headache and a little sore throat... too much excitement this weekend must have been! 2 basketball games and friends house...anyway, he ended up taking a pretty long nap on Sunday afternoon and then by 10p.m. Sunday night I was ready to head to bed (couldn't stay up for the grammy's anymore) and he couldn't fall asleep....still had a bit of a headache so I had him climb in my bed (Mike had fallen asleep downstairs) and it didn't take long and he was OUT! I don't think he has climbed in my bed with me since....I don't know!!!! Kinda funny, kinda cute.

So other than Typical Monday stuff and the fact that I can't seem to type a word correctly not much going on here tonight. Waiting for The Bachelor! Can't wait!!!! Fun Fun Fun!!!!!! :) Made homemade hummus today....YUMOLA! Spread it on a whole wheat tortilla and had a nice wrap with veggies and pork tenderloin! ummmmmm it was GRAND! Tomorrow....I will attempt Lunch Pail Muffins from Eat Clean Cookbook for Family and kids (Tosca Reno)....if all goes well I will post the recipe.

Kids have a short week this week from week too! Next week Friday starts Winter BReak! (We never got a winter break!!!) so they get Friday the 12th off and then Monday the 15th and Tues the 16th off! SHEESH!!!! Oh well, I like them home's very relaxed then! Maybe we'll take a road trip or something.....

Leaving with a photo today of Noah and I over New Years....just being silly I guess. Til tomorrow!


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