Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bad Blogger.....BAD! ;)

I must admit.....time does get away from you rather quickly and what do I choose to let suffer.....MY Blog......I think about it often as I'm in the car or sitting at this game or sitting at this practice or - watching last nights episode of the BACHELOR!~ HOLY MOLY............friends and fellow Bachelor fanatics! COULDN'T believe my ears when Rozlyn was up there talking to Chris!!!! WOWZA!!!!! She has some nerve.....SOME NERVE! Just fess up already that you like this person and be done. You make it so much worse but DENYING IT!

Oh....sorry, forgot. The Blog. So.....yes, I have missed sooooooooooooo much and I am still soooooooooo behind on loading pictures etc on here.....Faraway friends and family....I apologize I really will try to get them loaded.....tomorrow! Tonight is the last varsity basketball game at home and we have to go! HAVE TO! ;) Mike and I are as much addicted to it as the kids are.

Other than things just getting away from me (and me begin a bit lazy at times) nothing SUPERBLY special going on here....moving my craft space AGAIN! Really....I swear I spend more time moving it from place to place than actually getting time to work on STUFF! I mean SERIOUSLY will I just commit to a spot and stick with it! Well, I moved out of this room where I am currently typing from because it gets SO cold back here.....legitimate complaint....it's a downstairs bedroom, corner of the house and it's REALLY REALLY cold in here (PC will be moving too as soon as we can figure out how to move the internet connection!).....so I moved out into the family room....well.....that was all fine and dandy for a few weeks but I was growing tired of constantly having to dust off my stuff b/c the wood stove is right there and my supplies and goodies were constantly being showered with ashy stuff,....sooooooooo away we go again.....this time back upstairs! But I have taken over an entertainment center that we have for the bulk of my stuff and then I need to scout around for a desk.............wish me luck!
It's definitely a process.............................



  1. Tell me this not all of your scrapbook stuff? Did Mike build your paper racks? They all fit so nicely in the cabinet. Good luck with moving your stuff.

  2. Looking good. I have my own scrapbooking room its in the corner of the basement and yes it is cold there in the winter. Hubby put a wall heater in there for me. But I notice I enjoy scrapbooking near the family.