Sunday, January 17, 2010

So....Let's talk a little about some of our dreams ....

And by that I mean dreams that you have of things to do....not crazy wild and wacky dreams that you have after eating a bunch of spicy mexican food!! LOL.............

I'll start.....I have had a few and of course as the years go on they have a tendancy to change a bit. After college I wanted to move to Chicago and be a big Interior DEsigner and would have my own studio/store!! Well.....that all changed after college and I ended up an Interior Designer in Holland. Once we started our family I wasn't able to keep up with the hours required by many Interior Designers so I gave that up but never lost the dream of having my own studio/store.

NOW.....and for the last several years it's always been a dream of mine to have my own scrapbooking/crafting/photography studio/place! Some place where everyone can be CREATIVE in their own way! With photography I capture precious and incredible moments, with scrapbooking I preserve those precious and incredible moments for generations to follow along and the crating is just a unique outlet for those times when we need to "release".....everyone has those moments when we need a release of some sort.........I'm not giving up on my dream! How about all of you???

I'd LOVE to hear some of your dreams before and after is good too! Did your first dreams become reality? Have your dreams changed??

I know both my kids have dreams....Makiah wants to go to ASU (Arizona State University) or MSU for either journalism or Dietician....Noah wants to play MLB! Mike has a dream of someday moving out west say Colorado, Wyoming....something like that. Who knows....Maybe someday!

Today's POTD....Our fresh fruits and vegetables! It's important to me!!!



  1. I've always dreamed of owning my own business. I never knew what kind of business I wanted until about 5 years ago. My dream now, since I have the business is to corner the senior market in our area. :) I love to photograph seniors!

  2. And you do a GREAT job Kath!!! Keep up the great work and keep on dreamin!!!!