Friday, January 22, 2010

My shoulders are sooooooooooooo tired!!

Ok, so this is what a week looks like for me at the gym:

Monday; CARDIO (try for 3 miles on the treadmill or 30 minutes), then I do legs and glutes
Tuesday; Back and Lats....
Wednesday; no lifting in the gym in the a.m., cardiokickboxing at night that requires lots and lots of energy!
Thursday; my fav....Bi's and Tri's! and let me tell you.....they are burning once we are done!
Friday; CARDIO (again trying for 3 miles) and Shoulders and Lats

Now, mind you I try to mix it up as much as I can....keep those muscles guessing!!

So today..............holy moly, I stepped it up and increased my weight. My shoulders are sooooooooooooooooooo tired! Reaching for things in the kitchen and even shredding cheese for lunch was a challenge! LOL I love it though! I owe Mac and Kris a ton for letting me tag along with them!
They both told me this week that they could see a HUGE difference in my strength and appearance! YES!!!!!!!!! Thanks goodness! All this hardwork is starting to pay off! Believe me when I say, alot of sweat and tears...a little tiny bit of blood from punching the bags without my gloves on!

My punching gloves and weight training gloves are very close friends to me now!! LOL...
It HARD to start a habit of going to the gym or working out faithfully and to keep it interesting enough that you WANT to do it! I am a HUGE believer in a workout partner if you can find one and times etc. work out....I am also a HUGE believer in making HUGE changes right away! It worked for me/us...some like to go gradual and implement small changes slowly...I decided what MAJOR things needed to change and DID and didn't look back! It has made ALL the difference for me!!!! I still have to work at it but it has really made a difference in our family!



  1. I agree a working out partner is so nice. My partner is working non stop I only get her in the summer.

    I was doing some major squats and my family was chuckling at me walking up and down the stairs. I sooo feel for you.

  2. Thanks Tracy!!!! Yah, nothing above the shoulders was coming down!